Art Deco Inspired Photo Booths

At every event we attend, the photo booth quickly becomes the heart of the party. Guests gravitate around the service area – carefully picking their props, choreographing that next pose and eventually being photographed. With a feature receiving this much attention, it’s always been important to us that a photo booth should be an impressive focal point.

The Gatsby

Inspired by the 1920s art deco era, our vintage booth has been carefully designed with all the beauty of the roaring twenties in mind. Crafted from mahogany, the body resembles the famous “starburst” shape that was so iconic in the early 1900s. The retro Hollywood theatre spotlights provide a warm flattering light and compliment the theme beautifully. A vintage folding Kodak camera produces an elegant centrepiece, while housing a more up to date Canon DSLR camera inside. The old fashioned circular style tv screen present in the top section of the booth is actually a live view monitor, perfect for making sure you are looking the part before each photo. As you can see, we’ve worked hard to produce a booth that the Great Gatsby himself would have been proud of.

The No.3

We’re proud to announce the latest addition to the Booth Nineteen family – The No.3. The contrasting grain of the Rosewood Santos we have chosen produces a truly striking effect, while the oak trim finish adds a unique definition to the design. Towards the top of the booth is a touch screen monitor that allows for guests to view their appearance and start the photo sequence. We’re so pleased with the outcome of our latest creation that we will be entering it into a carpentry competition later this year – She really is a thing of beauty! The printing unit for this booth is stored in a nearby location. This is a new concept that we feel will help reduce congestion around the booth at busier events and ultimately allow your guests to take more photos. Like all of our booths, the No.3 prints your photos instantly.

The Classic

All the joy of a traditional photo booth, without the cheap plastic exterior. The Classic’s sleek minimalist design compliments any venue, while its walnut finish adds a classy feel to the party. The white circular shape towards the top of the booth is a professional ring light – This produces a soft even light source that eliminates shadows and ultimately makes you look gorgeous. The black rectangle (centre of the booth) presenting our company logo is a touch screen monitor, this initiates the photo sequence and acts as a mirror for your guests to tweak their poses & props pre-photo. The Classic comes with a set of handsome vintage spotlights, these beautifully illuminate the subject while adding a dash of nostalgia to the setup. A popular choice for both weddings and corporate functions.

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