Beautifully designed prints to fit your events theme
 We put a great deal of effort into producing stunning photographs, we feel strongly that each picture should look just as attractive when enlarged on a PC screen as it does on a smaller photo booth print. To compliment the quality of our booths images and add a desired atmosphere to the photo, we’ve designed a selection of artistic print templates to surround your photographs. Every time your guests step into the booth, they will receive their images within 30 seconds of their final photo, beautifully presented in one of our bespoke templates. You will also have the opportunity to add your own personalised message to the design and even change the colour scheme if it’s not congruent with your events theme.

The booth takes three photos per session. These images will then be presented within the grey boxes that you can see on each template. We always allow for 8-seconds between each photo, giving your guests time to switch up their poses and props if they wish to do so. After the sequence of three photos has been captured, the booth will then print out two template strips – so that could be a copy for your guests and a duplicate copy for the guest book.

Could we interest you in a completely bespoke design?
Our graphic designer at Booth Nineteen is capable of creating you your very own bespoke template design. Our wedding clients often send in a picture of their wedding invitation along with their desired text, from this we are able to produce a template that  matches your wedding stationary. Our bespoke service also presents corporate clients with a great medium to promote their brand, we can work your logo or slogan into a whole manner of designs.
Our bespoke template design service is available for an additional £30