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The photo booth has a way of stealing the show at every event. As soon as it’s set up, guests flock to the service area, eagerly selecting props and planning their poses in anticipation of their turn to step into the booth. With all this buzz surrounding the booth, it’s essential to us that it should be a focal point that leaves a lasting impression.

We recognise that the photo booth is more than just a functional aspect of an event. It’s an opportunity to provide guests with an engaging and entertaining experience that they’ll remember for a long time. We believe that every aspect of the booth should be carefully curated to enhance the overall ambiance of the event, from the design to the props to the backdrops.


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The Gatsby

Inspired by the 1920s art deco era, our vintage booth has been carefully designed with all the beauty of the roaring twenties in mind. As you can see, we’ve worked hard to produce a booth that the Great Gatsby himself would have been proud of.


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The No.3

Minimalist & modern, with a dash of vintage charm, The No.3 is as much of an art installation as it is a functional photo booth. No matter the theme of your event, we promise that this booth will quickly become the talking point of your occasion.


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The Classic

All the joy of a traditional photo booth, without the cheap plastic exterior. The Classic’s sleek design complements any venue, while its walnut finish adds a classy feel to the party. A tasteful alternative to a generic party booth. Check all the details below!

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