Bespoke Package Features

Our booths come as part of a boutique hire package, including an array of features that promise to complement your party


Choose Your Backdrop

Below is our selection of backdrops. Premium options are available with Corporate, Diamond & Platinum packages. You just select one backdrop to suit your event style or theme.

We also offer bespoke backdrops, enquire today to find out more.

Silver Shimmer

Crushed Red Velvet

Gold Sequin

Floral Pattern (Premium)

Rustic Wood (Premium)

Rustic Brick (Premium)

Pick The Print Template

We’ve got over 40 templates for you to select from and personalise. If you’re looking for a specific style, our graphic designer can create you something completely unique.

See The Full Selection Here

Choose Your Guest Book

All Of Our Wedding Package Come with a Guest Book Included. Memories and laughs to return to for years to come.
From standard designs through to custom designed laser engraved options we have something for everyone. 

Pick Your Props

We’re quite particular on what we let into our prop box, we do our best to keep the selection tasteful. Themed prop collections available with particular hire packages.

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