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5 Photo Booth Mistakes Made By Brides

5 Photo Booth Mistakes Made By Brides

Photo booths provide hours of entertainment and can capture some beautiful photos, but there are certain best practices to apply to ensure your photo booth gets used to its full potential. After more than 4 years in the photo booth industry, we’ve got some tips to help turn your weddings photo booth into the heart of the party.

Placement – In the past, brides have requested that their photo booth be set up in a separate room away from the parties atmosphere. Although this is great to utilise space, unfortunately, the outcome is often that the booth will not receive as much use. The trick is to have your booth set up near to where guests will be frequently passing, close to the bar or dance floor usually works well. 

Timing – Photo booths are typically hired for a 3 hour period, of course you will want your guests to make full use of this time. Be careful not to schedule a major activity such as a first dance, sit down meal or speeches to overlap with your booth hire – The service will usually remain inactive while your guests focus on the other event. To ensure that your booth is used to its full potential, plan your event carefully so that the hire duration will be mostly uninterrupted.

Setting Up – Photo booths take time to set up, equipment will have to be transferred to your desired location and then the booth will need to be constructed. This set up process can be a little unsightly, some wedding clients don’t realise this until it’s too late. Consider planning for the set up to take place when your guests are out of the room or distracted. In some cases it can be worth investing in idle hire time, the booth can then be built well before the guests arrive.

Guest Book – Combining a guest book with your photo booth is a must for any wedding reception. For a presentable book to be created (with plenty of pics & messages inside), you’re going to need a photo booth attendant to manage this feature. Many wedding clients resent paying out extra for an individual to oversee their book, however, without someone to glue, stick, issue the pen and show the guest where to write – Your book could be a little disappointing.

The All Important Photo – We are sometimes informed by our wedding clients that they didn’t manage to snap a photo with their partner in the booth. Caught up in the excitement of the occasion and with practically every guest requesting you join them for a photo, it’s understandable that this vital picture could be forgotten. Don’t let this be you! Grab your partner as soon as the start of the hire is announced and capture those all important photographs.

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