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A Breakdown Of Wedding Photo Booth Prices

A Breakdown Of Wedding Photo Booth Prices

Wedding Photo Booth Prices – Why The Difference Between Suppliers Prices? 

When it comes to choosing a photo booth for a wedding, It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of choice available online. Many booths look the same, they come with similar features and the only real noticeable difference is the price. So what does warrant such a huge price difference between photo booth providers? A simple Google search for “wedding photo booth prices” will display an array of package prices ranging from £200 to in excess of £800, that’s quite a gap! To help you make sense of the market, I’ve put together this article to shed some light on the differences between premium and budget wedding booth providers.

Sam Bird

Booth Nineteen Founder

“A photo booth can cost between £200-£800 depending on the level of service you require”

Main Booth Price Differentiators 

  • Years of experience (+£200)
  • An attendant vs a bell boy (+£125)
  •  Props & fancy dress selection (+£60)
  • Photo printing (+£50)
  • Image quality (+£100)
  • Guest book (+£75)
  • Gallery (+£30)

Years of Experience(Estimated £200+ for experienced company) 

In general, it’s the newer booth companies that provide the really cost effective hire prices. This lack of experience is notable for two main reasons. Firstly, like any machine, photo booths can go wrong and it takes considerable experience to understand how to resolve these problems swiftly. Secondly, many photo booth businesses (such as any business) statistically do not survive more than a few years. If you’re booking a booth in the distant future this could be something to think about.

An attendant vs a bell boy(Estimated £125+ for trained attendant)

Most photo booth packages will come with a member of staff to oversee the service during your event. This individual operating the booth is an integral part of the booths success. A motivated and well trained photo booth operator will encourage guests to utilise the booth, assist with photo choreography/prop suggestions and do their best to ensure the photos come out looking beautiful. A quality booth attendant is a showman, they engage with guests and create a buzz around the booth area. As you can imagine a member of staff with the above qualities comes at a price, increasing the hire cost for the customer.

Props & fancy dress selection(Estimated £60+ for good prop selection)

These novelty items can really make a photo, however props don’t generally have a long life expectancy as they break or disappear with (drunken) guests. Budget hire companies will often provide printable card props to save money on this feature. Tasteful props come at a price and this will be reflected in the overall cost of your package. 

Photo Printing(Estimated £50+ for a company with quality printer)

A photo booth company that has properly invested in their printing equipment would have spent out a small fortune on their booths printer. These pricey printers are essential as they produce photo prints of high quality in less than 30 seconds (opposed to up to 90 seconds with budget options). Most importantly though, a well manufactured printer will be considerably more reliable than a budget option. 

Image Quality(Estimated £100+ for a company passionate about image quality)

Producing an image that looks just as good when enlarged on a computer screen as it does on the smaller printed version requires the right knowledge and equipment. A premium photo booth package will be complete with a DSLR camera, flattering lighting and most importantly a booth operator who understands how to use a professional camera in the manual mode. 

Guest Book(Estimated £75 for a tasteful guestbook & book service)

A guest book is an absolute must for any weddings photo booth. Naturally, a premium guest book is going to come with a price tag, but this isn’t the main difference between premium and budget suppliers. To produce a presentable book filled with memories requires some supervision from the booths attendant. Why is supervision required? Pages get glued together, guests forget to sign a message, drinks get spilled, I’ve seen it all. It’s best to have a proactive booth attendant manage the book, they will take responsibility and ensure your book is safe come the end of the event.

Gallery(Estimated £30 for a well presented gallery)

After the wedding, the photo booth supplier should provide a digital copy of the events images. You will then be able to share these images with your friends and family. A budget hire company will more than likely provide you with a basic dropbox link or usb stick. A premium provider is going to put a little more effort into the presentation of your images, you can expect your gallery to look something like this and have simple features that allow sharing & downloads. 

I hope you found this article useful…

I’ve done my best to summarise what factors contribute towards a photo booth packages overall price. If there’s any other price factors that you’re still wondering about, feel free to leave a comment at the bottom of the page and I’ll respond with what I believe the additional cost is worth.

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Wedding Photo Booth Prices

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