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6 Essential Props For Your Wedding Photo Booth

6 Essential Props For Your Wedding Photo Booth

Wedding Photo Booth Props – Why Are They Important?

When it comes to preparing for your photo booth, props are an essential element that mustn’t be overlooked. Though there are many different aspects to consider for your photo booth, the props are what will catch your guests’ attention and inspire a variety of exciting and often humorous pictures! Props are also a big factor that distinguishes photo booths from other ways of photographing your guests, by offering them the chance to dress up and get creative! 

Though building your prop box can seem like a fairly daunting task, if you use these six props as a starting point for inspiration, you’ll soon find yourself with a prop set your guests will love and will make your wedding photo booth pictures pop! 

1) Fans 

A simple, yet effective addition to any quality photo booth! The flirtatious fan is a favourite among many booth users as a  fun addition to their pictures. It adds a sophisticated and dramatic twist to many party themes and guests will be picking up this prop again, and again!

2) Top Hats 

Hats are always a huge hit with photo booths, but top hats in particular are a classic and versatile addition that guests just seem to love! The popularity of this prop makes it an essential addition to your wedding photo booth.

3) Masquerade Masks 

Who can’t resist the allure of a beautiful, feathery mask? Both beautiful and eye-catching, a couple of masquerade masks will always prove to be a popular choice amongst guests for jazzing up their image.

4) Fake Cigar 

Big, hand held accessories such as cigars are another essential type of prop to include at your wedding photo booth. These types of accessories are great for posing with and completing various fun character looks. The cigar in particular does very well in vintage themed photo booths!

5) Beret 

An important part of choosing the props for your wedding photo booth is providing a variety of props for guests to use! 

6) Funky Sunglasses 

Last, but by no means least, funky sunglasses are most certainly an essential addition to the prop box at any wedding photo booth! 

Important Things To Consider

Hopefully these props should provide you with a great starting point and inspiration for creating a prop box for your own wedding photo booth. However, there are some important things to consider when arranging props for your own photo booth:

Quality Props

It should be noted that props are not expected to have a long life-expectancy and it is far from uncommon for a few pieces to have gone ‘missing’ by the end of the night. Though it can be tempting to try to save, it is also important to hit the right balance between props that will stay in one piece and look great, and value for money. Many budget photo booth companies will use cheaper options, such as cardboard cutout masks however these aren’t half as effective or fun for your guests. Our suggested budget for props is upwards of £60, as seen in our previous blog post on photo booth prices and you can find plenty of appropriate, good value props online or in joke shops.

Focus on the waist up

An important thing to remember is that the photo booth will only usually be capturing the upper half of everybody. In terms of props, this means that props such as funky clown shoes or sparkly skirts may not be captured in the image. Therefore it is wise to go for props such as hats, masks and glasses to ensure that they make it into the photo! 

Bright and eye-catching

Bright, big and bold props will always look best in your guest’s pictures. You want props that are fun and will stand out – a smaller more inconspicuous prop such as a ring won’t get noticed in your photo booth pictures so it is important that you consider whether the props you are including will get noticed. Bright colours and patterns will always show up better and create more colourful and fun pictures – the more over the top the better!


Providing a variety of props for your guests will result in a bigger variety of photos at the end. The more props you have available, the more creative people will become! A range of different props will also help to reduce any repetition or ‘samey’ photographs and help your guests to express their true characters! 

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Props are undoubtedly a very important part of organising your photo booth and hopefully this article has provided you with enough information and inspiration to create a prop box that even the most conservative guests will want to play dress-up with! 

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6 essential wedding photo booth props

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