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May The Fourth Be With You On Your Wedding Day

2020 and the arrival of the COVID-19 Virus has dealt a massive blow to the entire wedding industry. DJs, Wedding singers, Magicians, Prop Hire businesses, Photographers, and photoboothers’, the list goes on. As a result, we have all seen our 2020 calendars empty out in just a few weeks earlier in the year. Our thoughts are with everyone who has been affected in one way or the other.

So with lots of bad news in the last few months, we thought we would now take a look back at some of our favorite experiences from 2019. Revisiting the good times and hopefully offering some inspiration. So join us as we look back in order look forward to the events to come in 2021 and beyond. . .

One Very Happy Newly Wedded Couple

Vintage Wedding Photo Booths and Star Wars Stormtroopers . . .  

Client: Laura
Event Date: May 4th, 2019
Venue: Wick Bottom Barn

Starting things off is a well-planned wedding that was held in the stunning Wick Bottom Barn. A beautiful wedding barn conversion perfectly nestled in the North Wessex Downs. So well hidden in the surrounding countryside as I was arriving I Drove straight past! A true hidden gem.

Planning To Tie The Knot?

Laura booked with Booth Nineteen in 2018. After that and Between then and her magical day we make sure that we have everything ready for the photo booth. From ‘arrival and setup details’ to confirming the ‘guestbook’ and ‘print template’ choices, Booth Nineteen makes sure every detail is confirmed before the big day. Ensuring that we have the information we need before the event means that Laura is able to spend her time making sure everything else is perfect. From the gentleman’s lounge to the Stormtroopers, no details were spared for this one!

Personalised Wedding Photo Booth Print Template

The Setup

After initially missing the entrance and driving the extra mile down the road, which I don’t mind as the setting is beautiful and I have plenty of time to play with still. Eventually, I approach the venue along a gravel driveway.

There is a large white marquee to my left and the wonderful wedding barn straight ahead. I park up and go looking for Rebecca, my ‘on the day contact’. Walking past the marquee I can see chairs all in rows still laid out from earlier in the day. I take a moment to reflect on the earlier vow exchange.

Approaching the main barn I Quickly identify the designated ‘booth location’. A sophisticated gentleman’s lounge, set up just outside the main barn and under shelter, complete with comfy sofas, vintage props, and ambient lighting. A perfect retreat for any weary eyes loved ones and a perfect spot for the photo booth.

I unload the booth into position and find a suitable parking location for the evening to get myself ready. That means waistcoat and bow tie on ready for a few hours of entertaining the guests!

Boutique Photo Booth Hire To Transform A Wedding Space

The Action

Turning the lights on, fiddling with some settings on the computer, making sure the picture is top quality. Finally, I pose for a selfie and my first group of guests. Many others are now beginning to pour out of the barn and straight to the bar. As the line begins to form those waiting begin picking up their props in preparation as the countdown starts for the first group, now poised and ready.

‘five, four, three, two – Look at the camera!’. 10 seconds until the next photo in the sequence of three. The trio panic at the sight of the countdown timer. Props are swapped and thrown. Onlookers laughing and smiling as they watch the prop box being used to its potential!

As the guests wait for their photo prints to magically appear from the side of the vintage photo booth the next group is ready. Straight away in front of the camera making a plan of action!

The flow of willing guests so early in the evening is great. I know there will be no concerns with the size of the gallery tonight. Guest after guest really making the most of the photo booth, things couldn’t be going better. . .

The Stormtroopers

Around 30 minutes into the ‘active hire time’ the lights and screen on the photo booth turn off. A total loss of power. . . O, NO! Looking around me, relieved to see it is not just me!

Just as I set off to find out what had happened I spot in the corner of my eye what looked like Star Wars characters marching towards the barn. Of course, it was May the 4th! What a fantastic twist to the evening that not even I knew was going to happen. It has created a magical aura in the air as people move closer to get their photos with the Stormtroopers! The Lights soon after turn back on and we are all systems go once again.

The New Mr & Mrs Dix are having a great time. That energy is radiated through the entire party, I am very pleased to have landed this gig! People are dancing in the barn, eating lots of food, and making the most of the celebration. I even get invited into a few of the photos myself. That is when I know I am having a good night 🙂

Your Dapper Attendant Always Promises To Bring The Party To Any Wedding!

The End (of the start)

The time arrived for me to turn the photo booth off and start navigating my way through the remaining party-goers back to the wagon. As the evening draws to a close for the newly wedded couple, people are still having fun, talking, and dancing. Dismantling the photo booth I look around and see a cluster of people engaged in deep conversation on the sofas next to me, protected from the chill in the air by the well-positioned blankets that have been on hand all night. Great idea!

Now having finished loading, my final task is to find the Bride and Groom to say my goodbyes. I find them, then get my hugs and finally head off leaving the last of the party-goers to celebrate into the early hours. . .

From the beautiful collection of people to the intimacy of Wick Bottom Barn as a venue ensured this would be a wonderful event to attend. Thank you, Laura, for choosing Booth Nineteen to be a part of the magic and we hope you are cherishing all 275 amazing ‘Online Gallery’ images captured on your special day.

We hope this recount of a wonderful event has given you some ideas or some extra insight into planning your own big day. For the next installment, we are traveling to the Isle of Wight for Ellen’s special day by the Sea and find out what tricks she has up her sleeve to keep her evening guests entertained.

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