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A Vintage Photo Booth For A Wight Wedding

A Truly Magical Wedding Day Transformation

Sea-Breeze and Beer Pong – A Uniquely Refreshing Vintage Photo Booth Experience On The Isle Of Wight

Client: Max & EllenEvent Date: September 7th, 2019Venue & Caterer:The Captains TableWedding Photographer:Fifi NewberyAll blog Photos Courtesy of @fifinewberyFlorist: The Floral Boutique

The Brides Father’s Gift To His Daughter

In April 2019, just 5 months before Ellen’s special day and wanting to do something unique for his daughter, Mark got in touch for a vintage photo booth quote. This is the first vintage photo booth inquiry we have received for an event on one of the British Isles.

Bespoke Personalised Guestbook and Print Designs Make For A Truly Unique Package

Initially, the logistics appear quite complex, with the ferry over to the Isle of Wight departing from Portsmouth. With our Brighton Booths fully booked it means traveling over 2 hours from either our Bristol and Exeter hubs. However, in true Booth Nineteen style, I begin checking ferry times and costs as well as exploring all options.

Mark and I then exchange a few further emails. Eventually, we work out a plan that ensures the photo booth will end with plenty of time to pack up and catch the final ferry back to the mainland. This allows me to quote a ‘Travel Charge’. Once we agree on the total price, the 40% deposit is paid and Mark’s special wedding gift secured. I then get in touch with the bride, Ellen to confirm the other event details.

MV Victoria of Wight

The Wightlink Ferry Trip

With all of our pre-wedding photo booth preparations complete, from the ‘Guestbook’ and ‘Print Template’ to the ‘Arrival’ and ‘Active Hire Times’, meaning I am set for the special off-shore excursion. I am not due to begin until 06:30 pm. Although with a two and a half-hour drive and a ferry trip ahead of me I set off early.

Arriving in Portsmouth, I get a spot close to the front of the line of ferry goers, about to board the MV Victoria of Wight. With 45 minutes until boarding time, there is a chance to grab my self a soft drink from the Ferryport cafe. One final mental check I have everything. Eventually, we are directed to board the ship. Once parked, I make my way up the stairs and in search of fresh sea air and intermittent sunshine. It almost feels like I am on holiday!

View Onto The Beach On The Isle Of Wight

Vintage Photo Booth Arrival

Upon first arriving at the Captain’s Table I can see the gazebo going up. Meanwhile, there is a line of usual daytime customers ordering their beachside snacks and drinks. There are still a few hours until the bride and groom are expected to arrive. As a result, I park up and then go to explore the Isle of White.

Arriving back at the venue to finish setting up the entire space has been transformed with an eloquent color palette. The room looked amazing and the setup would be well placed in any wedding venue I have been to. Hats of to the guys for making basic work so well alongside the seaside backdrop.

Strike A Pose!

The Wedding Party

As guests finish their meals and the speeches are done for the day everyone starts mingling. I meet the talented photographer for the day @fifinewbery, who is a friend of the Bride. This really reflects on Max and Ellen’s approach to arranging a wedding party. What is important to them, is to be surrounded by their loved ones.

The incredible decor, staff, and food that is provided by the venue and florist results in a first-class service. Max and Ellen looked amazing, their guests looked amazing, their venue looked amazing. Focusing instead on what was important to them has really paid off.

Max & Ellen Warm The Booth Up

Beer Pong Wedding Games

With the evening snacks served meaning guests are now full of all of the delicious food. Most guests are done with their photos so I wander over to the beer pong tent to check out the action! The concept is simple, get a waterproof tent, add a table, 12 cups, and some beer. In addition, throw into the mix those that are suggestable to a bit of competitive drinking, and well, the result is just pure joy & entertainment.

Max In Full Focus Mode Supported By His Wife Ellen!

Final Orders

My time with the photo booth draws to a close. I make one final lap around the venue ensuring everyone has got a photo from the booth for their fridge! After a final few customers, I am done and so begin to pack down the photo booth. With a couple of hours until the ferry back to the mainland I ensure I do not get distracted with the party games!

My final gesture of the evening is finding someone responsible to look after the guestbook for Max and Ellen. Then with that done, I say my goodbyes to the newly wedded couple and head out. As I walk away and get into my vehicle I can still hear bellowing laughter and cheers.

I take one final glance back at The Captains Table and can’t help but applaud Max and Ellen’s approach to arranging their wedding party. They have truly proven that even a basic venue can be transformed into a perfect fairytale backdrop. There is definitely magic in the air and the magic comes from the people.

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