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Photo booth hire takes an amusing twist

Here at Booth 19 we have been establishing ourselves as an extremely popular way of recording special events in an unusualway. However while we are always on the lookout for something unusual, we couldn’t help but laugh and think what a wonderful idea it was for a photographer, Lynn Terry, to put dogs in a photo booth and take photographs of them. We think they are brilliant and we adored the selection of images in the Mail Online which reminded us so much of how humans behave when in a photo booth.

And then we started to think about it and we realised that this was something we could easily do for our clients, while we also thought it would be great fun to attend local dog shows and summer fairs where we know there would be plenty of canine customers.

However perhaps we are barking up the wrong tree so to speak and for those of you who are looking for something more for their masters than the dogs themselves, perhaps we can interest you in our vintage photo booth hire which comes complete with a massive range of quality fancy dress clothing to help inspire you and to make the most of the occasion. We have seen how popular selfies have become and how many of you like to update your Facebook page, and we want to provide you with something to get you notice.

Not only do our photo booths produce printed images so that you have a physical memento of the occasion you have attended, but at the end of the day the person hiring the photo booth also gets a digital copy of all the images taken and they can then share them out and forward them on to friends for posting on Facebook.

What we also like with our photo booth and something that has become increasingly popular, has been the option to have the photo booth set up to create sepia images to create an even more authentic feel to everything. It works perfectly as much of our fancy dress is based on the flapper era in the 1920s and 1930s, so a sepia image is perfect. Of course you still have the two other options of full black and white, or high definition colour.

For our photo booth hire, Bristol is where we are based, though we happily also cover Bristol, London, Exeter, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Taunton, Swindon and everywhere in between! We also like to do our very best to make every event memorable and unique. As a consequence, if you check out our gallery of images, you will see that with the photo booth sheet of prints that are printed off each time, we can personalize these so that they will always be an accurate reminder of a very special day.

To find out more about photo booth hire, Bristol and surrounding areas, just contact us at Booth 19 and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.