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Photo booths are perfect for creating priceless memories


This is one of our favourite videos at the moment where a young couple have recorded the moment when they got engaged. Okay, admittedly the man’s now fiancée wasn’t aware of what was happening, but even her boyfriend couldn’t have imagined how well the photos actually came out.

That is the beauty of photo booths. We behave differently in a photo booth to the way we react when taking a selfie, posing for a formal photo or even when someone shouts “smile” just before snapping an image on their smartphone.

Because you don’t come across photo booths every day of the week, they make an ideal addition to a special event. In particular they are now becoming increasingly popular at weddings, which for this couple in question would be a great way of taking a second record of what happened between them. The joy behind having gone to the trouble of sorting out photo booth hire and then allowing guests to let their hair down after the day’s more formal proceedings always tends to bring the best out in them. Add a brilliant selection of ‘fancy dress’ clothing and the picture is complete, excuse the pun!

Phot booth hire couldn’t be simpler and more engaging, and it has one very distinct advantage over a formal wedding photographer. It doesn’t keep telling you want to do. Where we all want to look our formal best for the ‘official’ wedding photos, a phot booth encourages us to show our wilder and more fun side, which is perfect for recording the fun events of the day, as there will be plenty to record. Even better that most of your guests will also have relaxed more after the absence of a professional photographer has been noticed.

Of course photo booth hire doesn’t have to be just for weddings. There are countless other occasions where the presence of a photo booth has helped to perfectly record the day’s events. Certainly an engagement party goes without saying, while an eighteenth or twenty-first birthday party is also a great occasion. Then of course there are wedding anniversaries and especially gold and silver ones where you can take great shots of three or even four generations together – these are especially fun if the sepia option is taken in your photo booth hire from Booth 19.

Yes, believe it or not, we even offer you a choice of three finishes to your photographs, colour, black and white or sepia. Sometimes, especially if you are having a themed party set back in time, say the 1920’s, then colour photographs can detract from the authenticity that sepia or black and white images can provide.

To find out more about photo booth hire from Booth 19, then just pick up the phone and give us a call. We’ll be delighted to explain everything involved, including having a technician on hand all the time, and how you can have the images of your event recorded.