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Photo Booth Print Designs for a Summer Wedding

6 Photo Booth Print Designs for a Summer Wedding

Choosing a Tasteful Print Design For Your Wedding’s Photo Booth

 The role print designs play in your summer wedding photo booth is not to be underestimated. Just as making sure you have the right props and styling for your photo booth is important, ensuring that your photo booth will provide high quality, eye catching prints is another essential element to prepare.

 The photo booth prints provide a fun souvenir for your wedding and it is therefore important that your photo booth prints incorporate a design that is both visually pleasing and reflective of your special day. 

 Choosing an appropriate design that accurately reflects the character of your wedding can certainly seem daunting at first, however, considering the style of design you want to go for can really help to narrow down what look you’re after.

1) Florals 

For a classic, pretty look for your photo booth prints, it’s hard to go wrong with a floral design. This is a popular style of print design for wedding photo booths, and goes particularly well with garden and outdoor weddings. To add a more personal touch, you could even include the same flowers as the ones you use in your bouquet!

2) Vintage 

Bring a whimsical vibe to your wedding photo booth prints with a vintage style. This style goes great with Booth 19’s high quality photo booths for hire, in particular, The Gatsby style which has been made with 1920s vintage influences.

3) Rustic 

If a beautiful, scenic outdoorsy wedding is what you hope to have, then a rustic themed print design might be the one for you! Incorporating leaf elements and warm colours, a rustic style design is slightly less feminine spin on the floral look and can really end up being what you make it.

4) Minimalist 

If you find yourself most satisfied by clean cut lines and simple shapes, a minimalist style design might be the one for you. Just sticking to the basics and choosing a minimalist design avoids overcrowding and looks stylish and modern on your prints.

5) Quirky 

Let your original personality shine through in a totally unique photo booth print design! This is great choice for those whose wedding themes may differ slightly from the norm. A colourful, quirky design that reflects the character of your wedding will create an eye-catching and memorable print.

6) Traditional 

Say it as it is with a beautiful, classic design which reflects a traditional style of wedding. A more traditional style of print design is effective and unmistakable and will leave your guests with a fond reminder of your special day.

Design Your Own Wedding Print Design 

Our in-house graphic designer (Carl) is available to work with you to help you design your dream photo booth template to complement your wedding. You can either send in your wedding stationary to be used as inspiration, or describe your design brief to Carl and he will turn your idea into a reality. 

Choose A Wedding Print Design Template

If designing your own bespoke design isn’t something you have time for, we also have an extensive range of pre-designed wedding inspired print templates for you to choose from. After selecting your desired design, you will then have the chance to add a message of your choice to the template. 

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