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Time to rummage through your parent’s old photographs

We may well have mentioned in the past that digital photography has seen the demise of the ‘traditional photograph, with memories of past events now stored on your smart phone or on a USB stick. However, you only have to go back to your parents’ generation and you will find their version of a USB stick is more than likely a shoebox full of old photographs tucked away in a cupboard somewhere. Ask your grandparents and we can virtually guarantee that somewhere in their house that box definitely exists.

More to the point, ask either your parents or grandparents if they have any photographs in their wallet and there is every possibility that you may well come across a small photograph that was taken in a photo booth. Often this photograph is a legacy from a strip of four that would have been dispensed from a photo booth at the time but all of which were not needed for the passport. Start rummaging around in the shoebox and there is a tremendous chance that you will come across some other photographs taken in a photo booth but which will likely be of your parents or grandparents when they were much younger.

The point we’re trying to make here at Booth Nineteen, albeit in a rather circuitous manner, is that in many ways a box full of photographs is a treasure chest full of memories, and unlike a USB stick these photographs are just a random collection that gets mixed up over the years, but which presents a fabulous opportunity from time to time to reflect on past events and occasions. So, being true to original photo booths while taking full advantage of today’s digital photography quality and equipment, not only do our photo booths keep a digital record of all photographs taken at an event which we upload to the client and which can be shared around accordingly, but also our photo booths also produce the traditional strip off for photographs there and then to provide a physical reminder of the day and for you to tuck away in your own shoebox of memories.Yes, we know it is hard to believe, but both your parents and their parents were also teenagers at one point in their life, and on probably more than one occasion they took part in what could be described as a rite of passage by having their photograph taken pulling faces with their friends in a photo booth. If you do find a strip of photographs you can virtually guarantee that they will remember exactly where the photo booth was and very likely how much it actually cost. What will make you laugh aside from the photographs is that your grandparents will tell you it cost them a shilling which, in today’s money, is only 5p!

Here at Booth Nineteen, not only do we supply high-quality photo booths in Bristol and now across the UK, but we are also pleased to be able to supply a superb selection of fancy dress, with a particular emphasis on retro / vintage / eccentric items, and we have expanded this collection to the point where today we can cater for a spectrum of themes. Got plans for a gathering of friends, an engagement party, or a wedding reception – make sure you capture some great memories by getting in touch with us here at Booth Nineteen.