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Making your guests feel part of the party

We’ve all been to weddings, engagement parties and christenings which have been enjoyable, but perhaps not as memorable as others we have been to. Okay, it is fair to admit that it is obvious who the centre of attention should be at each and every one of these social events, but perhaps therein lies the rub. For sure we appreciate the invitation, but have you ever felt you are more of an onlooker than an actual part of the day. Here at Booth Nineteen we know for certain that that is not the intention of the person who has invited you but perhaps more an unfortunate consequence.

With anything from 50 to 200 guests it is impossible for the host or hosts to spend any reasonable length of time with all their invited guests, so this clearly doesn’t help the situation. So what is the solution? The answer to this probably lies in being able to engage with your guests, to do something that will make each and every one of them feel they are part of what is an extremely important day. This, though, is easier said than done as engaging with your guests is difficult if you can’t actually spend much time with them.

What we have learned here at Booth Nineteen is that the best way to get your guests to feel part of your event is to give them something that has clearly been provided specifically to make them feel welcome, to help them let their hair down and record some special memories. We have also found that providing a superb range of fancy dress attire of a vintage, retro and eccentric style, has proven irresistible. It seems that the desire to dress up when we were young children has never really left us!

For those who are hosting the event, the photo booth is also a great way for you to relive the day as not only does our photo booth provide the traditional instant strip of photographs for those having their photograph taken, it also stores a copy which we then upload to the cloud at the end of the day for you to look through all the images, share them digitally among your friends, and have a good laugh into the bargain as you see how much enjoyment or your guests have been having on the day.

While we know that anybody who has a smartphone also has a camera in their pocket, social media is becoming saturated with selfies to the point where they are becoming boring. As a result, taking a selfie with a photo booth, especially with friends around you, is a totally fresh approach, while also appealing to your guests through the novelty factor.

While we are based in Bristol, the popularity of photo booth hire from Booth Nineteen means that we have expanded our territory and now cover as far south as Exeter while also catering for areas such as Cheltenham, Cardiff and occasionally across to  London. So, to find out more about us, please feel free to give us a call at any time and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.