The latest addition to our photo booth family - Booth19

The latest addition to our photo booth family

The photo booth has seen a lot of change over recent years, from its mundane passport photo roots it has evolved into a popular party accessory. We love the atmosphere and buzz a photo booth can create at an event, they encourage guests out of their seats and bring a smile to the face of the most rigid party goer. One thing we’ve never been keen on though is their appearance – the traditional big plastic box in the corner of the room has never been our thing. When we started Booth Nineteen at the beginning of 2015, our core aim was to create a photo booth that looked good and produced beautiful photographs. A year and a half later, after attending well over 150 events, we are proud to introduce the launch of our latest booth – The Classic.

A sleek minimalist design, beautiful walnut finish and innovative photo booth technology set “The Classic” in a whole new league of its own. The white circle you can see towards the top of the booth is a professional standard photography ring light. This style of light beautifully illuminates the subject, casting an even light that eliminates shadows, ultimately making you look gorgeous. The black rectangle you can see towards the middle of the booth (displaying the Booth Nineteen logo) is actually a touch screen monitor – This allows you and your guests to incorporate an Instagram-style filter to a photo and then proceed to upload the pic to a social media platform of your choice. These features are great fun and really help to create a buzz around your event.

You will notice that “The Classic” has no walls, no seat and no curtain like a traditional photo booth, this isn’t because we’re just being cheap! This style of booth is referred to as an “open air photo booth”, open booths are great for parties as you can fit more friends and family in each photo. It also means that the backdrops are fully interchangeable, we can supply a range of designs to fit your events theme. Backdrops are available in sizes up to a fairly large 2.2 meters wide – That’s big enough to fit a whole football team in just one pic.

For those familiar with our previous booth, a 1920s style contraption named “The Gatsby” you will know that we appreciate everything vintage. With our latest booth, we wanted to produce something that still maintained a classic style, yet would appeal to a wider audience and fit in at any party. We couldn’t be happier with the final result, already “The classic” is earning compliments and adding the “wow” factor to events across England.

From our Bristol HQ we cover Exeter, Taunton, Bath, Cardiff, Cheltenham, Swindon, Oxford, Reading and on occasions have been known to make appearances in London. Head over to our website to see if we have availability for your event –